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    PS this is your pal @artbellsghost running Newsblurt Radio today!

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    reblurt commented on the post, It’s Our Turn!

    Submitted by @artbellsghost Newsblurt’s lead evening editor …check out his channel!

  • Be sure to check out @artbellsghost …who is usually my partner on the show during the week. Not sure where he is tonight!

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  • Filling in for @artbellsghost tonight on KAGR

  • I will be doing Saturday nights on KAGR until @artbellsghost returns!

    FYI: Been hearing that the chrome browser on some phones have problems playing KAGR from the website. I HIGHLY suggest you listen to KAGR through a STREAMING app like Replaio, VLC, StreamItAll or a tons more that are available in the app stores. Let us know if you need…Read More

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