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Coronavirus is a murderer

The Coronavirus is near full force, sweeping across AmericaWHEN WILL THE NIGHTMARE END?

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If we don’t fight for Freedom of Speech now, while we have a pro-First Amendment president in office…

If we don't fight for Freedom of Speech now, while we have a pro-First Amendment president in office, it will be DOOMED.We need legislation...

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Who is ready to take the DRUDGE REPORT’S place?

Now that it is not distinguishable between The Huffington Post, Fox News, Washington Post or any other mainstream perspective......who is ready to take the...

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Schumer plans to ask President Trump to divert Billions of wall fund dollars to programs aimed to weaken the Second Amendment

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (aka Count Chocula) plans to ask the Trump administration to divert a $5 billion wall funding allocation to programs...

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The California Republican Party fights back for a change! Files two simultaneous lawsuits

The California Republican Party filed two simultaneous lawsuits against unconstitutional attempt to suppress voter turnout and violation of First Amendment. California Republican Party Files Two...

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