Howard Stern Says Meat Loaf Got Mixed Up With A Crazy Cult

Which side is a cult?


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It’s what they do. They filter one side of the argument and present the side that makes them the most money and pleases their friends. In no way is what we are seeing actual journalism. Which side is a cult? Cults typically have rituals and clothing that signifies if you are in or not.



God bless Harmless Dave!





all right music fans welcome harmless
dave back again talking about real music
real issues
and doing so in real time for a few real
people just like you
and just like me all right so
is no longer with us he’s dead all right
meatloaf is dead
meatloaf is fair game you can smear
um reminds me of a don henley song kick
him when they’re up kick them when
they’re down
kick them when they’re stiff
kick them all around all right that’s
pretty simple henley had this figured
out in the early 80s and
was already
you know she can tell you about the
plane crash with a gleam in her eye
that’s exactly that look it’s just
become now
more divisive more political
um there’s this team over here there’s
that team over there i play for team
reality okay and i also play for team
medical privacy
all right there are a number of teams i
play for and these are the teams that
are actually outlined in the united
states constitution i know it’s a
document that is now
a waste of time
for most people they don’t really care
they may say they believe in it they may
put their hand on the bible and swear
allegiance to it
but they’re not doing anything about it
they’re in other words they just it’s
ceremonial right so howard stern
i get the whole shock jock thing right
but to say that meatloaf was in a cult
because maybe he died
from this thing
or with this thing would be more
accurate not from but with
as i’ve already stated a couple of times
and this is no dig on meatloaf he was a
walking comorbidity and he had been one
for quite some time
that’s pretty apparent
but to come out and say you know
if he had just done the thing it would
have solved all his problems
and meatloaf i know at one point said
hey if i die i die he wanted to live his
life on his terms
again this is assuming right that this
is a really good effective way
to prevent this stuff
on the flip side
on the other side you know where the
cult is right that would be
where my team is
um there have been people
have been
well shall we say playing a sport right
especially over in europe a lot of
soccer over there they call it football
but you know what i’m saying
players running down the field
healthy 25 year olds and
boom down on the ground
what’s that all about
well see the filtered media hasn’t
covered any of that what the filtered
media does
is they pretend that didn’t happen
if meatloaf was in such a cult why did
thousands of people show up
last weekend
the other day right there was this
hearing senator ron johnson pretty smart
guy got together some very smart people
dr malone dr mccullough you know
the most
banned human beings on the planet right
filtered media we can’t handle the truth
we can’t have
different opinions here we have to walk
in lockstep for the greater good
so when robert f kennedy
invokes anne frank right and the media
loses their mind
and then they say there are absolutely
no parallels
between what happened with her and what
is happening now
that’s complete bs and
it’s these guys just lose their mind
they they’ve lost their mind when it
comes to the whole psychology thing
the other day i came out and i’m for
psychology just want to put it out there
i’m pro-psychology
the writers over at rolling stones seem
to think that um college level
uh basic psychology 101
is not really a thing anymore it’s just
a shiny new concept
that the people on
my side of this issue believe in
and therefore um we should be tarnished
trashed and in the case of meatloaf
look meatloaf lived his life the way he
wanted to uh he was literally a bigger
than life character
and i’m not sure why howard stern really
cares because
most of these people have said right
hey you know who cares if these people
don’t want to do this and they keel over
good riddance to them that’s that’s
their point of view i’m like hey
wouldn’t it be cool
if there was some other information
to all of these people where
they could uh maybe attempt to deal with
this problem prior
to just waiting and being isolated and
um fearful
locked down and then there are more
restrictions by the way there’s this
little caravan
of cult truck members right that are
driving through canada right now and
they’re being again filtered out the
filtered media filters it out says there
are no truck drivers
this is not
a hundred kilometers of trucks
what is happening to them
because they want to force them
to do this stuff they want to force
if this thing is so amazing and so
wonderful why
no and again because the filtered media
filters out all the objections
and you can’t hear them out loud
that and again i’ve said this in other
videos that’s not informed consent
howard howard that’s not informed
consent right
i’m glad you did it 11 times how many
times you want to do it um good for you
that’s your body
that’s your choice meatloaf chose a
different path and by the way we don’t
know all the details about the meatloaf
situation still we don’t we know he went
on social media we know this and that
and the other but we don’t know right
the cause
the cause will it be released i don’t
know they don’t have to release the
cause they’re not releasing the cause
you know his his buddy jim steinman last
no cause of death
just and everybody wow jim steinman
that’s horrible
that’s horrible and um it looked a
little weird
he was only 71. by the way bob saget
bob saget was 65 right
what happened to bob saget oh well the
media’s got that covered bob saget just
had a mystery heart attack and that was
the end of bob saget okay filtered
filtered and then bob saget was on see
meatloaf was on describing his problem
too on social media and bob saget did
the same thing in fact he he basically
made a joke
about the booster seat and all that
and that looked fairly clear-cut and
obvious what he was talking about right
so what’s the difference well bob saget
was 65 meatloaf is 74. and meatloaf was
chronically overweight
for most of his life off and on
so again rather than using common sense
we get the filter and we filter it all
the filtering media that’s what they are
and if you watch filtered media you’re
doing yourself a great disservice
you need to go off the grid you need to
you need to take a chance you need to
look at things that they’re telling you
not to look at
it’s really pathetic
somebody passes away
and they politicize it to this degree
because this this is all political
because one team believes in this stuff
the other team doesn’t believe in it
and it seems to be
right now that that narrative
is starting to collapse so some of these
people are getting
real crazy in their critiques
but you know i live in a place right now
it’s open
you know a little too cold for this time
of year but i will deal with it
because i know that the people most of
them who run this place want us to be
and want us to be open for business and
the worst thing that meatloaf said by
the way is it’s my life if i die i die
right i’ll take my chances and i think
most of us are there
most of us you know we’re trying to eat
right we’re trying to be healthy
i have a lot of work to do in that area
um but i’m a survivor too right i’m a
survivor i could get the t-shirt um and
i didn’t
follow the howard stern protocol didn’t
do it so just throwing it all out there
um thanks for watching all of you new
subs thank you all this media attention
it’s really kind of weird and i’ll take
it while i can get it the 15 minutes are
going to end shortly
but i appreciate everybody out there
keep in mind
if you’re over on patreon
i’m a one-man show and i’m getting a lot
messages and a lot of different things
over there which
i can answer most of them they’re
probably going to be short answers just
and that in fact i type like crap so and
my text audio to texting
seems to suck as well so just put it all
out there for you so you know where i’m
coming from i’m not trying to ignore
people or slide anybody
again i don’t have a team here
like like these big media conglomerates
they they can have a couple of people
the messages and probably not giving you
an honest answer back so uh i will
continue to try to do that and again
patreon a dollar a month if you want to
support the channel two bucks a month
whatever uh you want to do um i hate to
sound like tim poole here but
once you become
a little more into this stuff what
happens is
they put a bull’s-eye right on your back
and so if i have to run to a different
platform full time
it would be nice to have a few people
that can continue to support the work
and listen to me and all that good stuff
i’m trying again to use rumble a little
bit but for now
you just let the chips fall where they
may and
take it one day at a time all right
thanks again see you soon

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