• Jeffrey Epstein’s Shocking Will!

    you know people talk about the red pill
    the red pill well the Epstein case is a
    prime opportunity for the general
    population to take the red pill about
    the reality of political power said red
    pill not necessarily taken orally
    because going down this rabbit…Read More

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      Jeffrey Epstein signed a will 2 days before he died – after trying to commit suicide 2 weeks prior, and reportedly killing himself 2 days later.

      Epstein also listed the former Chief Science Adviser to Bill Gates as backup executor!

      And – Epstein could have been stopped in 1997?

      What on EARTH is going on?

      “More than two…Read More

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    WASHINGTON—President Trump on Monday called for the Federal Reserve to sharply cut interest rates and again criticized the central bank’s chairman for a “horrendous lack of vision,” while reiterating his belief that the U.S. economy is strong.

    The president said in a pair of tweets Monday morning that the Fed should cut its…Read More

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