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  • Lost Vegas
  • The same governors that got THOUSANDS of innocent elderly people killed in nursing homes are the EXACT SAME governors that are trying to FORCE you to take the experimental vaccine.

    The governors got away with the deaths.

    The vaccine manufacturers got away with the deaths.

  • I pray she sues her employer into the fucking ground!

  • LOL …who cares?

  • Reexamine what TRUE patriotism is.

    I have more reason to die for a FREEDOM LOVER on the other side of the planet- than the leftist next door, that would soon have me imprisoned or worse, for not THINKING AS THEY DO. Or the millionaire celebrity pushing for reprogramming camps!

  • Folks, you can throw any pedo, murderer or drug dealer in a suit and tie…or pant suit…

    …and they would look JUST LIKE a politician.

    If I were downright EVIL and hellbound- I wouldn’t mess around with small potatoes. I would buy a suit and learn how to smile.


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