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American is my RACE!

God Bless America! Almost every time I post this I get the lamest responses from the "Christian" and secular communities ALIKE!👨🏻‍🎤  "Well why should...

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Christians are the most targeted of all REAL hate crimes- IN AMERICA!

WARNING:This video is long and is still just a very small sample of the hate crimes that the left-wing democrats are committing against good...

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Keith Urban is it “take your cat” or “take your cap” and leave my sweater?

You'll Think of Me by Keith Urban is a massive hit for the very uncontroversial singer songwriter. However, there is an underground controversy about...

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Stockton California, tells Rio Linda to “Hold my beer”

Stockton California city experiments with universal basic incomeIf you have no pride and want a free ride, head to Stockton California for your $500...

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Nancy Pelosi evokes the V-WORD against President Trump, and by proxy his supporters- calling him ‘villainous’

Pelosi tells colleagues Trump is 'villainous' — and that he wants to be impeachedThat's right, almost as if it were lifted right from the...

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