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  • Americans have gotten comfortable to their own doom.

    You can’t risk your STUFF for your kids and grandkids?


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    Selmer Tennessee during rush hour

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    John Schneider has been going on an amazing journey into Civil War history with this video series! Go back a few episodes and catch up!

    Education is like following a trail of breadcrumbs through the forest. One leads to the other which leads to the next which invariably leads you to a place…Read More

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  • Please @admin pin this until there is some action!

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  • The Story of the Number 1 Hit We’re An American Band

    | Revelations | Professor of Rock

    This week on Revelations we go behind the #1973 Number 1 hit “ We’re an American Band” with Mark Farner the legendary all-American frontman and the engine that pulled the original Grand Funk Railroad to the t…Read More

  • Folks, If Kenya West warns that Hollywood is wicked after being in the belly of the beast for nearly two decades…

    …then you can bank on it that IT IS! Keep your kids away from the filth. TURN IT OFF!
    When you pay for Netflix, Hulu, Cable, Dish then you are paying the DEVIL. You can rationalize it by saying “oh, well I can’t live without…Read More

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  • Coming soon>>> @drdetroit

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  • Hell is reserved for Satan and the unbeliever…and only God can sort that out.
    When I think of the horrors that men put children through- directly or vicariously through politics…I see God’s genius.

    Thank God for Hell🔥

  • I feel sorry for the thousands of people actually named Fredo.

    They woke up today and found out their name is a racial slur.

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  • Dems would be very WISE to cozy up to #Trump before #2020.

    Trump will work with them. Imagine if #Pelosi told the #Squad to take a hike and started working with Trump. He would be more than willing to work with BOTH parties to get things done.

    Give and take, give and take.

    FREE advice to old school Dems: Tell the radicals to TAKE A…Read More

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  • The lefty Dems need to come over to #Trump’s way of thinking or they are just going to get trounced in #2020

    Trump is the only one that can save the “career democrats” from the wacky #squad

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