Amphibians developed appendages after brief treatment with five-drug ‘cocktail’

Frogs Regrow Missing Limbs in Lab Study, Advancing Key Effort of Regenerative Medicine


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U.S. researchers said Wednesday they were able to trigger regeneration of amputated limbs in a species of African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis), which they called “one step closer to the goal of regenerative medicine.”




cnn some unusual creatures have an
innate ability to regrow a limb
salamanders starfish crabs lizards and
such extraordinary powers elude most
animals including humans although
scientists have long sought to
understand and replicate them in a quest
to regenerate limbs for millions of
patient amputees including diabetics and
victims of trauma
now researchers in the united states
said wednesday they were able to trigger
the regrowth of an amputated leg in a
type of african clawed frog xenopus
lathis in what they described as a step
closer to the goal of regenerative
the technique used by the team of
scientists based at harvard university’s
weiss institute and tufts university
involved applying a mix of five drugs to
the test frog spike like stump sealed in
with a small silicone dome
the cocktail was only applied for 24
hours but after 18 months the limb was
almost fully functional
the frogs which live in water were able
to swim and respond to touch
they also grew several toes but not the
webbing between them
the research was published in the
journal science advances on wednesday

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