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    3 weeks, 2 days ago

    How Healthy Boundaries Prevent Narcissistic & Psychopathic Manipulation

    This video answers the questions: Can I discuss manipulation and boundaries? What are some signs of manipulation? Healthy boundaries are actually a great defense against manipulation. Even though anybody can be manipulated under the right circumstances, healthy boundaries certainly reduce the chances of that.

    Here are some examples of potentially manipulative behavior:

    – lying
    – critical, judgmental (pointing out weaknesses)
    – strong emotions (negative & positive), anger, violent gestures, staring
    – appearing desperate
    – being pressured for an immediate decision
    – use past statements to make you seem inconsistent
    – gaslighting
    – arguing after hearing “no”
    – distorting your words
    – acting immaturely
    – trying to bypass reason – “follow your heart” “go with gut feeling”
    – unclear answers, evasive
    – superficial charm
    – avoiding surveillance cameras, onlookers
    – oversharing in an effort to gain reciprocity (to use it against you)
    – not reacting to your discomfort or obvious signs of wanting to end the discussion
    – saying one thing, but doing another
    – not listening
    – physical contact when clearly uncomfortable
    – emphasize a commonality – trying to make a connection

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