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  • Thanks @jimrockford for taking over our Twitter account while ABG is out for the next week.

  • I am with @jimrockford tonight!
    Just the water boy! But, I lead SATURDAY NIGHT !!!

  • Hey it’s @jimrockford and yours truly all night!

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    reblurt posted a new activity comment

    Thanks. You did the right thing by posting and alerting that you had not completely watched it. I think @jimrockford is reviewing content all week, so even if you don’t finish as quickly as you think, he will. Appreciate your contributions!

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    Stanley Roper posted a new activity comment

    I love these guys. either you are @jimrockford posts them before I get a chance. Toward the end it gets real serious. These guys have grown a lot (still staying funny as ever) since we started posting them a couple years back.

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