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Drudge is trying harder to destroy Donald Trump…

According to our mentalist, outside of his daily 2 hour marathon of masturbating to tranny porn, Drudge spends most of his day trying to destroy the Trump family with headlines that encourage corrupt political hacks to break moral authority and the law.

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They are going after Musk…

The legacy media are going to try to destroy Elon Musk Take note of the “journalists” that do hit pieces. This is called the “slow swell” Relatively unknown journalists start the snowball of articles to prep the ground & the masses for the pile on. First up: Race card

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Government schools want your kids…

Government schools have one job:Mess up your kids before they get old enough to know better.   What’s happening here — Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) January 27, 2022 Parents, take control- while you still can.

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‘Mass Formation Psychosis’

How mass is evil created.

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