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CoronaVirus Media Fright Fest! Are we over the hump?

DOW Rebounds — Soars Nearly 2000 points.

“The private sector being involved with the government, Wall Street loved it. This will expedite the process. Now, we’ll be able to get testing throughout this country”

    CoronaVirus MANIA! The art of FEAR!

    The media is doing a poor job informing the public with accurate information on COVID-19.

    They bring on self-proclaimed experts that make claims that have no ground in science and sometimes are full-on lying. Also, I think they are leaning into the fear angle too hard in order to draw clicks and viewership.

    I believe they should uphold proper journalistic standards and stick to the facts!

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    I’m Not Afraid of the Coronavirys – I have a Plan

    Dr. Gundry talks Coronacirus

    Great logical information on the virus and how to prevent getting it!

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