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Let’s Give Huey Lewis The Credit He Deserves!


Hey Music Junkies, the Professor of Rock here with your latest Pop Fix. Let’s face it, the 80’s will always be one of our favorite decades. What was so special about that era though? Maybe because you can’t talk about the 80’s without mentioning the Styles, Huey Lewis or Back To The Future. These are major pop culture influences whose affects are still felt today!

I believe Huey Lewis deserves more recognition for his musicianship, which undoubtedly played a major role in the appeal of the 80’s lifestyle.

In this episode we discuss his albums; Do You Believe In Love, Sports, Heart and Soul, The Heart Of Rock & Roll and more. Also enjoy a clip of our sit down interview with Huey Lewis himself.

    Roy Orbison’s sons tell the story about how they found a LOST recording of the late rock and roll founding father



    In the early days of rock and roll, Roy Orbison was famous for his classic falsetto voice.

    Years after his death, Jim Axelrod reports on how his sons found an old song of his that’s become part of an album and documentary called “Mystery Girl Deluxe.”

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    The sons of late singer-songwriter Roy Orbison are suing a Los Angeles entertainment company for failing to bring their dad back to life — in the form of a holograph image.

    The “Oh Pretty Woman” rocker’s children, who manage his estate, hired Hologram USA Entertainment in 2014 to create the digital reincarnation….

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            Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren caught on a hot mic appearing to talk to CNN’s Jake Tapper: “Oh, I can’t say that”

            Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren caught on a hot mic appearing to talk to CNN’s Jake Tapper: “Oh, I can’t say that”

            What did you tell Warren to say, Jake Tapper?