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  • Good luck with that bitxh…

  • Ugly people embraced and enforced them from the start…

  • Mass content creator exodus on the way…

  • I actually believe China, just for the pure fact that I doubt there is not much they don’t already know and they have much easier ways of getting information DIRECTLY from our politicians…


  • America has been sold out. But go back to not caring until it’s completely too late.

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About me

John McAfee Fan

I eat danger for brunch!

This account is dedicated to my hero John McAfee. He is not my father, but that would be so damn cool if he was.

  • We would be able to take to the open seas with our machine guns and exotic women!
  • We would hide out from global spy agencies on uncharted islands.
  • We would drink a mixture of Jack Daniels and Tequila for breakfast.
  • We would piss off our yacht into a sharks mouth because WE HAVE NO FEAR!

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