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Beatles for sale!

 BEATLES BLURT!   We are working on the ULTIMATE BEATLES FAN channel! Coming this weekend!

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End Chinese slave labor!

The only way to end Chinese slave labor camps is to stop buying products from China. It's that simple.  But you won't!

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My urgent advice to President Trump

My plan for Trump to secure November 2020I don’t like it, but……It appears that a MASSIVE stimulus is going to have to happen to...

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Roy Orbison’s sons tell the story about how they found a LOST recording of the late rock and roll founding father

DID YOU MISS THIS GREAT STORY FROM 2014?  In the early days of rock and roll, Roy Orbison was famous for his classic falsetto...

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Who Is Jeffrey Epstein? How did he get his money…why are there no interviews with him on video?

Who Is Jeffrey Epstein? NO REALLYNo really, WHO IS HE? Besides being the world's most famous Pedo-vert, not much is known about him. For...

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About me

John McAfee Fan

I eat danger for brunch!

This account is dedicated to my hero John McAfee. He is not my father, but that would be so damn cool if he was.

  • We would be able to take to the open seas with our machine guns and exotic women!
  • We would hide out from global spy agencies on uncharted islands.
  • We would drink a mixture of Jack Daniels and Tequila for breakfast.
  • We would piss off our yacht into a sharks mouth because WE HAVE NO FEAR!

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