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Johnny Depp becomes a star all over again

Johnny Depp Explains How He Got Into Acting & Talks Pirate of the Caribbean   During his testimony on Tuesday, Johnny Depp explained how he got into acting and Hollywood. He talks about how Nicolas Cage helped him in the beginning, his first movie role, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more.       another ... Read moreJohnny Depp becomes a star all over again

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Fed up with the pandemic, some Angelenos say it’s time to learn to live with COVID   “I’m about to go through my own lockdown once this baby comes,” said Chan, pointing to her stomach. “So, I’m going to be safe absolutely, but I’m also going to enjoy this time and being on my feet ... Read moreEnd the WAR ON COVID!

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I eat danger for brunch!

This account is dedicated to my hero John McAfee. He is not my father, but that would be so damn cool if he was.

  • We would be able to take to the open seas with our machine guns and exotic women!
  • We would hide out from global spy agencies on uncharted islands.
  • We would drink a mixture of Jack Daniels and Tequila for breakfast.
  • We would piss off our yacht into a sharks mouth because WE HAVE NO FEAR!

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