You love Newsblurt and you want us to keep growing!

Okay, one of the most flattering comments and questions we ever get is…


The GOOD NEWS is that NEWSBLURT WILL BE HERE FOREVER without your financial support! We are self-sustaining. We will keep growing and growing!

The better news is that if you are so inclined to participate in what we are doing here, then we have set up some ways for you to do so below!

What will Newsblurt do with monetary submissions?

1: Keep Newsblurt 100% ad network free! Ad networks and popup ads SLOW YOU DOWN. Also, they put bad things on your computer, spy on you and who knows what else! You can turn off your Ad Blockers at Newsblurt. Thanks to VIP members like you, we are 100% ad network free! 

2: Add infrastructure! Most people are CLUELESS as to what goes into an operation as sophisticated as ours- to maintain databases, coding, aesthetics, performance and design. It’s not magic, it’s AROUND THE CLOCK monitoring, tweaking, knowledge building and all sorts of big, long words to make sure that we can deliver you content no matter where you are on planet Earth, 24/7!

3: Legal, legal, legal! When you run a TRUTH DELIVERING machine, YOU BECOME A TARGET! Most people have no idea how difficult it is to make sure that what we post can pass through the filter of a highly litigious culture.

4: Whatever else comes up. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Newsblurt is forward thinking and always EXPANDING! If we are not growing, it is for certain we are DYING.

Newsblurt is celebrating a DECADE of service! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART!  

No cash, no problem! A GREAT way to show your support is to simply keep visiting us and supporting us on social media! We will still be here for you! 

WARNING: DO NOT SEND US MONEY UNLESS YOU HAVE  IT TO SPARE! Newsblurt would find it VERY offensive, if you sent us money while you are struggling financially. Newsblurt is NOT a non-profit or charitable organization. If you send us money, we will keep it and use it for our daily operations as stated above. We make no claims that your contribution to this effort is tax deductible or allows you any special privileges, or returned expectations from our use of it. It is your GIFT to us…and we appreciate it sincerely!

EASY PEASY METHOD 1: The Official Newsblurt Cash App:$newsblurt


EASY PEASY METHOD 2: The Official Newsblurt Paypal: 


If you want to remain anonymous, that’s fine, but we would love to have a little note or comment from you. Thank you for supporting what we love to do!