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  • Prince on Sex, Violence, & The Influence of Music

  • Lindsey Buckingham ~ Trouble

    Two, ah-three, ah-four!
    Two, ah-three, ah-four!
    Two, ah-three, ah-four!
    I really should be saying goodnight.
    I really shouldn’t stay anymore.
    It’s been so long since I held ya.
    I’ve forgotten what love is for.
    I should run on the double
    I think I’m in trouble,
    I think I’m in trouble.
    So come to me…Read More

  • Back to the Future Featurette – The Power of Love (1985)

  • What Makes This Song Great? Head Over Heals – Tears For Fears

    Rick Beato

  • Mad World performed by Curt Smith of Tears For Fears

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