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Who is ready to take the DRUDGE REPORT’S place?

Now that it is not distinguishable between The Huffington Post, Fox News, Washington Post or any other mainstream perspective…

…who is ready to take the DRUDGE REPORT’S place as liberal/MSM spin breaker, alternative thought leader?

The answer is sadly, no one can fill those shoes.

As rumors SORE, many are asking if Matt Drudge is still even at the helm of the cyber-journalism pioneer DRUDGEREPORT.COM. Some of the more wilder theories are that Matt has died or never really existed at all! One thing is for sure, Drudge may have lost something that he always had- reader loyalty. He may keep his numbers up, but it is no doubt that a large portion of the loyalty he had from traditional America has seriously ERODED.

One would have to believe that suspicion is tucked in the back of the mind of anyone that truly used the Drudge Report as a way to gain some profound insight on the days news.

At one time Drudge was the solid king in presenting an alternative to the mainstream spin machine. Many are saying he may have lost that crown- even if this some sort of stunt or gimmick.

Or especially if this a stunt or gimmick…

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