My urgent advice to President Trump

My plan for Trump to secure November 2020

I don’t like it, but…
…It appears that a MASSIVE stimulus is going to have to happen to MOVE PEOPLES feet BACK into businesses after the MASSIVE MEDIA SCARE of Covid-19. This will have to be similar to what Mark Cuban mentioned earlier this week. Send out checks and give people a time limit to SPEND it- OR LOSE IT.
It needs to be presented as a patriotic duty to SPEND THE MONEY with a nudge toward small businesses.

It is becoming apparent that the media is going to keep trying to destroy the economy even more (doing the biding of the Democrats of course).

If every state opens at full capacity in 24 hours, the media will still be on the loose, masking them, shaming them and scaring them to death.

Who can enjoy LIFE BEHIND A MASK? That’s why they make horror movies about being locked in a MASK. NO ONE LIKES THEM!

THE MASKS HAVE TO GO TOO! No one wants to go out in The Mask. Deep down people know that if a Democrat wins The White House, the media will lay off the people and let them have their life back. Subconsciously, they know they are being held hostage and they are ready to scream UNCLE!

The enemy is the media. Trump is going to have to outspend them. We can’t afford it- but we can’t afford not to. I needs to happen sooner- than later, before the real estate market starts getting affected. Sorry, I know this appears to go against conservative orthodoxy, but truly it is not. It is a FREE MARKET SOLUTION. For brevity, I will not go into that now.

The masses are closer to seeing the media for what they are, but not close enough for them to see through THIS manipulation to panic them.

President Trump should not leave this to chance. HE WILL LOSE…even though this is not his fault.


I hate it but the Deep State has formed around this and have brought in big guns. Do not chance this, sir. Spend that money or the Democrats will– after they win BIG in November.

You did not bring this on sir…most of us know it, and we will stick by you, but with all the cheating that the Democrats are setting up, and who knows what else they have planned, we need to get this panic in the rear view mirror so the conversation can CHANGE.

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