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Web-browser based players are great, but they have the performance limitations of whatever browser you use. Stop right now and do yourself- and us a favor and download a FREE radio streaming app to get a perfect stream every time! Take Newsblurt Radio with you everywhere! It’s so easy!

Current KAGR Live HD Stream URL for streaming radio apps:


Download VLC
Download VLC Player for Apple


VLC Android
Download VLC For Android



Once you download VLC for your device, then you simply copy and past our current streaming URL:





The KAGR Web Player is the best web browser streamer on the planet! But, it is limited by your web-browser. Avoid the drop outs and refreshing to get your connection back!

Current KAGR Live HD Stream URL for streaming radio apps:

***Note that the Stream URL is subject to change for security reasons, so if you ever lose your connection, be sure to check back here to see if our stream URL has changed. This is not something that should happen often.


19 thoughts on “Radio App

  1. The KAGR web-browser player works excellent on my mobile. I use Brave and Chrome browsers. If I loose my connection while Im driving it just pauses and resumes. I use T-mobile too.

  2. The best radio streaming apps will automatically reconnect when your connection drops and allows for buffering so that you don’t even realize you lost your connection.

    There are other great, maybe even better players out there. A great LIVE radio player needs two features to give you a seamless, quality broadcast stream- Buffering to allow for hiccups as your phone switches towers while you are driving, and then Auto-Reconnect so that when you do get a long or short bump in your connection, your stream will reconnect and resume playing without your assistance.

    • Just finding this out after 20 years of streaming radio online! Thank you! I have been using VLC with some modified settings and it NEVER drops unless I am completely out in the sticks!

    • I really enjoy you late night radio show. Can you play some more 90’s country music? There was some really good stuff then. Chrome and Brave web browser works fine difectly from the website …in the midland TX area on Tmobile. Maybe if you use an outdated browser VLC would be better. I drove for an hour today and had one drop out. It resumed just a few seconds later.

  3. Another great web player is StreamItAll for your iPhone or Android device. It is also 100% free, but has ads. Another one is CustomRadioPlayer which at this time, appears to be exclusively for Android.

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