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Political, societal and spiritual meddler, Oprah Winfrey, falls flat 😂

While talking about balance during her 2020 Vision Tour, she looses her “Balance”

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English, the only true global language

How the English Language Is Taking Over the PlanetNo language in history has dominated the world quite like English does today. Is there any...

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Rebel Health: Foods That Damage The Liver: Worst Foods for Liver Function

Foods That Damage The Liver: Worst Foods for Liver FunctionA list of foods that secretly damage the liver. Many of these appear completely innocent...

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This may be Trump’s funniest Tweet so far!

I was actually sticking up for Sleepy Joe Biden while on foreign soil. Kim Jong Un called him a “low IQ idiot,” and many...

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Trump swings back at Democrats latest attempt to take down his Presidency…“I don’t do cover-ups…”

Fireworks in Washington as Trump vows no more legislation while under investigation... 'I don't do cover-ups'Trump effectively said to the visiting Democrats that he...

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