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    7 months ago

    ⚠️ Action Alert: Take Action to Oppose the Exclusion of Funding for Growing Schools

    Take one second to sign! #CharterSchools need YOUR help NOW!

    CCSA was surprised and disheartened to see the cap on 2020-21 ADA to the 2019-20 levels. While this is helpful for many schools and districts, it has a devastating impact on the choices that thousands of families make each year to change schools, move or enroll in a charter school. This is unfair to those school districts and charter schools that have increasing enrollments, and undermines parents’ choices on the best school programs to serve their children for the coming school year. We believe that all students should generate school funding to the LEA in which they attend! Take action now to call your legislators and let them know you oppose the exclusion of funding for growing charter schools. It only takes five minutes.

    H/T @Homecomingqueengottagun Via Parler

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