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How to do a Twitter Takedown Seb Gorka Style

Being a RINO, a FAKE CONSERVATIVE, A DEEP STATE (or deep state wannabe) has in recent years become a difficult lifestyle choice,  publicly that...

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Updated list of the Drudge Report’s links

Mid-2019 Drudge Report Source LinksI use a lot of these sources, but it has sort of become a "who's who" in the DEEP STATE...

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Here’s the lineup of who gets to win the coveted spot to lose to Donald Trump! Here’s the lineup of who gets to win the coveted spot to lose to Donald Trump!  Tuesday, July 30: Sanders Warren Klobuchar O'Rourke Buttigieg...

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Scott Baio: Maybe Nike should take notes! GOD Bless America. Land of the free, because of the brave.

Super patriot and former Teen Heartthrob, Scott Baio, says what we all are thinking.

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More and more evidence pointing to John Kerry being an enemy of the state

John Kerry the biggest GIGOLO in modern history...(Google: Heinz Ketchup Kerry Married Theresa For Money Low Down Dirt Bag Kerry) is still running free!WHY? 😡

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