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President Trump supports the NYPD

We love our Law Enforcement Officers all around this great Country. What took place in NYC with water being tossed on NYPD officers was...

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Suicidal pastors head off to resort in the Bahamas due to declining church attendance and offerings

Depressed and suicidal pastors head off to lush resort in the Bahamas due to declining church attendance and offerings!When the annual gathering of the Global...

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My first hemorrhoid. I thought it was cancer or worse! But, I survived to write this article!

This may be the most embarrassing story I have ever written...but it shouldn't be...   When you are young and running about with your day to...

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TRUMP: Bill deBlasio is the worst Mayor in the history of New York City – he won’t last long!

Trump eviscerates yet another democrat presidential hopeful RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE!  ?

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Laura Loomer: ‘My Life Is Ruined’ Due To Social Media Targeting and Banning

Last week Facebook and Instagram banned several prominent conservatives including fearless journalist Laura Loomer. My life is ruined! Does anybody understand how ruined my life...

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