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    2 days, 23 hours ago
    Another Attack on Coconut Oil, This is Why CBC is Wrong


    Unfortunately there has been another attack on coconut oil. This time by the CBC. But did the CBC get it wrong? I certainly believe they did. With no evidence or supporting arguments, they’ve put out a video about the dangers of coconut oil that clearly uses scare tactics to deter people from using coconut oil.

    There a many reasons that have been discussed to promote the use of coconut oil. Health and weight loss benefits among some of the benefit of consuming coconut oil. Interestingly, there could be an argument that if you are consuming large amounts of sugar (more than 20 grams a day), your really shouldn’t consume a lot of any fat. We all know that high fat, high carb leads to excessive weight gain. But they do not even speak about sugar in this video.

    Honestly, I do see where bringing sugar into the story would have probably upset whoever sponsored this video. There seems to be a strong underlying “saturated fat is bad” message. Which makes me think that they used coconut oil to take a shot at keto without actually saying it out loud. The cyclist who puts fat in his coffee, going to the coffee shop and ordering two coffees with coconut oil. Seems that they focused on those fatty coffees a bit too much.

    But why would they want to dissuade people from doing a ketogenic lifestyle? First of all, when you eat a keto lifestyle, you aren’t eating 90% the items in the grocery store. When you eat a ketogenic lifestyle you get sick less often and need to take less medication. When you eat a ketogenic lifestyle, all the people around you see your dramatic improvement in health and want to experience the same benefits, leading to fewer sales of junk food and medication.

    I honestly believe that this video is intended to keep us eating polyunsaturated fats, keep us eating sugar, keep us unhealthy, so that big business can keep making money. You have a decision to make. Are you going to do your research and do what is better for you health? Or will you succumb to scare tactics and eat poorly?

    There are huge repercussions depending on the decision that you make. That decision will directly affect your health and wellness. Health and happiness take work. Make working on it part of your daily routine.