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  • reblurt posted a new activity comment

    1 day, 21 hours ago
    Currently we allow 24 hours to edit a wall post. You can edit anything from Reblurt Publisher at anytime. Thx
  • The Leonardo Dicaprio GIF of him toasting is permantly BANNED from reblurt!

    J/K – We support GIFY use. HOWEVER…

    Like all good things, overuse can make you look like you are out of FRESH ideas.

    WORDS are better than Animated GIF’s and MEME’s on Reblurt. If you post good content, you will get a much more dedicated following. Take the…Read More

  • reblurt posted a new activity comment

    1 day, 22 hours ago
    If it takes you longer that 2 seconds to load ANY of our pages, then please let us know. We test this daily throughout the world.

    You should never experince a slow or non-loadable page on a Newsblurt network! Ever!

    Thx! ✔️

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