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    Jim Rockford posted in the group Survive

    1 month ago

    How To Build A Concealed Wilderness Fire

    Called the dakota fire pit for several reasons.

    One, it’s great if you’re being tracked and you need keep a low profile.

    The last thing you need in that case is a roaring fire. I’ll show you how to be practically untraceable from the moment you start digging to the moment you fill it in and carry on your way.

    Secondly, it’s great for prolonged survival situations where calorie expenditure is a concern.

    You can build these right in your shelter, and they require minimal fuel. Meaning a handful of twigs and sticks can get this thing going very well.

    Third, it’s a great fire pit for cooking and boiling since it burns so hot.

    Ready to learn how to build a concealed wilderness fire?

    You want to learn how to build a firepit.

    Plus, you can use this for a camping, backpacking or even hiking.

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