It’s Our Turn!

by Joe Boehm

“Freedom, in any case, is only possible by constantly struggling for it.”  Albert Einstein

For the most part, Americans have enjoyed our freedom without needing to fight to keep it. Our soldiers certainly have and do engage in protecting it, and on occasion, some political leaders have risen to fight too. For the rest of the citizenry in the United States of America, the focus has been mostly on our lives, our family and friends, our jobs, our finances, our health, and our faith. The US Constitution defines those rights and our elected leaders are charged with ensuring the Constitution is followed, Many of those leaders are failing miserably. Some of our largest cities are experiencing chaos, violence, rioting, looting, illegal trespassing and occupation, destruction of private property, and desecration of public buildings and monuments. Much of the media pushes false narratives and is no longer a trustworthy source of objective news. Neo-Marxist, Anarchist, and radical socialist groups are no longer hiding in the shadows. They seek to tear apart the nation and have begun to do so. Our Republic is at risk, our freedoms are in grave danger.

Fight or Face the Consequences

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein

It is time to speak up, to challenge, to confront. Those who seek to peacefully protest, should and must be respected, and allowed that Constitutionally protected expression. Those who use violence, who steal, who desecrate, must be met head-on and stopped. We must be vocal in our opposition to that behavior. Our law enforcement agencies must be supported and allowed to do their job by State and Local Government leaders. Citizens and their property must be kept safe. Efforts to defund Law Enforcement agencies are stupid in concept and must not be allowed. Anyone spouting that idea should be confronted and shut down. We must all find a way to help fight these enemies. Our freedoms are at risk. Vote for the best candidate. Stand up and be heard. Do not be afraid. It is our time to answer the call!

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