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  • 6 days, 2 hours ago
  • 💻 We just rolled out a TON of enhancements and features! Check you inbox for a list of the NEW things you can do.
    We have also added another delivery network that will primarily benefit folks in the middle east. This was for our troops and other friends in that area of the globe! You should see significant speed increases when uploaded and…Read More
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    • If it takes you longer that 2 seconds to load ANY of our pages, then please let us know. We test this daily throughout the world.

      You should never experince a slow or non-loadable page on a Newsblurt network! Ever!

      Thx! ✔️

    • Like the new edit feature! Why dosnt it work on every post? I

      • Currently we allow 24 hours to edit a wall post. You can edit anything from Reblurt Publisher at anytime. Thx

  • Hope evryone enjoys the new featiures. Most of them are to make editing more fun and to allow you mor creative way to present your content.


    or it is just going to look weird and some feature may not work. Let us know if you do not know how to clear the cache and files for a particular…Read More

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  • Newsblurt 3.0 has something that NB 1.0 and 2.0 never had, something we lost when we went from a private email group to a /public/ entity …

    A heart❤️

    They say you can’t change the world. We did, so lets find out what else the devil is lying about. #KNBG

    Thanks to you all,

    You know who

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