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  • #FAQ BR549

    HASHTAGS are great…but not as good as KEYWORDS. Any KEYWORD can be searched just as well as a #HASHTAG.

    Just use the /search 🔍/ tool and plug in you KEYWORD.

    EXAMPLE: Searching GORKA will get you more results than clicking #GORKA

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    newsblurtCloud has some new feature…go check!

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  • Gulp! They don’t even follow me!

  • We are looking for people that would like to participate in our Beatles Channel. If you are a MASSIVE Beatles fan then reach out to us for details.

    YOU MUST HAVE a decent knowledge of the Beatles band and solo history. Thx!

  • God bless our legal council!

    They are like family to us. Okay, they are actually family. God blessed me with a family of attorneys.

    I never walk alone!

  • At Newsblurt we don’t use Big Tech.

    We create from the ground up and OWN everything.

    When we do use vendors or contractors, it is after careful consideration of their business ethics and commitment to The First Amendment.

    We also pray that anything we do is within God’s will- not our own.

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