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    #FAQ BR549

    HASHTAGS are great…but not as good as KEYWORDS. Any KEYWORD can be searched just as well as a #HASHTAG.

    Just use the /search 🔍/ tool and plug in you KEYWORD.

    EXAMPLE: Searching GORKA will get you more results than clicking #GORKA

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    newsblurtCloud has some new feature…go check!

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  • Newsblurt understands that “OMG” means different things to different people.

    When we RT something using “OMG”…in our minds- it’s “Oh My Gosh!”

    When we RT something that uses “SOB”…in our minds it’s “Son of a Bitch”

    Example: Oh my Gosh! Joe Biden is a Son of a Bitch!

  • Don’t forget to add the Newsblurt App to your phone, PC or other device. It’s LIGHT (no bloat) and free. No goofy ads either- and we don’t beg for money.

    Every once in a while refresh it by clicking the Newsblurt Logo, or clearing your web browser history if it starts looking or acting funny (means we did a major update and the old site is…Read More

  • 📍Little tip if you use the Newsblurt App:

    Just like your Twitter app, sometimes you have to REFRESH to get the latest Reblurts.

    Simply pull down the screen or tap the logo on top, bottom or side menu.

    Thanks to you all for adding us to your device!

  • Newsblurt Cloud can live stream video conferences private or open. Currently there is no function to record the stream via the platform. We have no intentions on adding it either. There are several services out there that can record your NB cloud live stream- if that’s something you need. If it arises that this is much needed, we can flip the…Read More

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    reblurt is looking for Tip

    We all know embedding Twitter posts is super fast and our system makes it look great- BUT (you knew the but was coming) when possible try to use the insta-quote feature. If you forget the link back to the author (or have a typo, or anything you want to add to the post) you can always do that with the Comments/Addendum button.

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