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  • #FAQ BR549

    HASHTAGS are great…but not as good as KEYWORDS. Any KEYWORD can be searched just as well as a #HASHTAG.

    Just use the /search 🔍/ tool and plug in you KEYWORD.

    EXAMPLE: Searching GORKA will get you more results than clicking #GORKA

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  • Per @admin The Real Music Observer has finally been added to the Reblurt suggested/approved content list.

  • We finished doing a complete update of Newsblurt Cloud. It took over 48 hours but it was worth it.

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  • REMINDER: is now a subsidiary to REBLURT. Check them out at @newsblurt

  • If you do not get our Newsletter:

    Newsblurt is undergoing a COMPLETE transformation to being the SUBSIDIARY to REBLURT.

    Meaning this will be a complete reversal of roles for these very different entities.

  • 🔦Reblurt is looking for more Democrat/left of center voices to balance our front page! Please inquire via Twitter DM only.


    Must have a background in Journalism and able to show a consistant pattern of ethical posting!

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