Rebel Health: Foods That Damage The Liver: Worst Foods for Liver Function

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Foods That Damage The Liver: Worst Foods for Liver Function

A list of foods that secretly damage the liver. Many of these appear completely innocent but cause damage when they are consumed regularly.

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A list of foods and toxins that damage the liver
There are many foods that are toxic for the
body and can harm the health of your liver.
Consuming the wrong foods, drugs or toxins causes inflammation and damage to the liver
which can lead to fatty liver disease, hormone imbalances, jaundice, belly fat, cirrhosis
and liver failure.
In today’s video we will share with you a list of the worst liver damaging foods which
you can avoid
We explain how these affect the liver and what you can do to reverse any damage.
1. Sugary Foods
Eating sugary foods often causes insulin resistance in the body which damages hepatic stellate
cells in the liver. This slows down liver function and stops it from being able to process
fat property, leading to none alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
The foods containing the most sugar are fruit
juices, doughnuts, cereal bars, soda, flavoured yoghurts, biscuits, ketchup and sweet sauces
like BBQ or ketchup.
Always check the labels for hidden sugars labelled as maltodextrin, high fructose corn
syrup and fruit concentrates.
Cut back on sugary foods and consume foods high in potassium to reduce sugar cravings
like kale, avocados, beet tops, arugula and spinach.
1. Alcohol
The liver’s main function is breaking down and getting rid of toxins in the body. When
it filters out alcohol, poisonous by-products are created which inflame the liver cells.
This causes fat to build up in the liver also known as Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (AFLD).
The good news is that the liver can repair
itself from alcohol damage when you cut out alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, lager, vodka,
gin and other spirits.
Alcohol causes a Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) deficiency, so we recommend taking nutritional yeast to
replenish this nutrient.
To quickly detoxify alcohol from the liver consume kale, parsley, mineral water and a
little sea salt in a blended smoothie.
1. High Glycaemic Fruits Those who consume too many high sugar fruits
are more likely to suffer with a fatty liver, especially later in life.
The sweeter fruits like apples, pears, grapes,
oranges, bananas and mangos are very high in fructose.
Fructose is a form of sugar that is metabolised through the portal vein and sent straight
to the liver to convert into fat.
High sugar fruits can cause as much damage as alcohol to the liver when eaten too often,
especially fruit juices.
Switch to lower glycaemic fruits such as blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
to prevent this from happening. These are lower in fructose and have more phytonutrients
to protect the liver.
1. Trans Fats Some of the worst liver damaging foods are
hydrogenated oils like vegetable oil, margarine and easy spreads, cotton seed oil and canola
These cause massive amounts of inflammation in the liver which can lead to fatty liver
disease, inflammation and scar tissue known as cirrhosis.
We recommend cooking your own healthy meals
using extra virgin coconut oil. This is a super food rich in MCT’s (Medium-Chain Triglycerides).
These healthy fats are easy for the liver to process and are converted into energy quickly.
Extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and eco-friendly
red palm oil are also excellent alternatives.
1. Refined Grains Refined grains and flours are some of the
worst foods which harm the liver as they cause a high spike in blood sugar and insulin. This
promotes fatty deposits in the liver which blocks its natural functions.
The worst foods are bread, doughnuts, pie
crusts, pizza bases, cookies, crackers, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, cereal bars, pasta and
These foods are high in carbohydrates which have the same negative effects as eating pure
You can replace grains with healthy fats like avocado and grass-fed butter to satisfy you
and reduce cravings quickly.
Healthy vegetables like kale, broccoli, peppers, bok choi, cauliflower, garlic, onions and
cabbage are the best sources of fibre, so keep away from the grains.
1. Sugar Free Soda
Fizzy drinks contain artificial sweeteners
like aspartame which converts into toxic compounds in the liver. This can trigger fatty liver
disease, weight gain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, sleep disorders and many more problems.
Many of these drinks also contain “caramel
color” which forms sticky proteins that clog up the liver, pancreas, arteries and kidneys.
These are known as A.G.E’s (Advanced Glycation End Products).
Phosphoric acid within cola also blocks your
body’s ability to absorb calcium and magnesium which causes mineral loss in the teeth and
Switch to a good quality carbonated mineral water with a little stevia and freshly squeezed
lemon juice for a healthy alternative.
The vitamin C in lemons helps to reverse damage caused from drinking soda. You may also take
a supplement of benfotiamine to reduce damage from A.G.E’s.
1. Fillers
Pre-packaged and processed foods often use fillers, or bulking agents as thickeners or
preservatives. You can find these on the food labelled as maltodextrin, dextrose and polydextrose.
Maltodextrin is the most common form which
is often added to ready meals, baby milk formulae, beef jerky, medications, vitamin supplements,
soups, chips, dry rubs, dressings and sauces, beer, cakes and other puddings.
This is one of the highest ingredients on
the glycaemic index and causes a massive surge in blood sugars which damages the hepatic
cells within the liver, causing insulin resistance and inflammation throughout the organ.
Start cooking your own healthy meals using
fresh ingredients and consume apple cider vinegar daily in a glass of water. This will
strengthen the stomach and help in reversing damage caused by filling agents.
1. Soy
Foods which contain soy can cause a range of different problems in the body. 80-90%
of soy products in the USA are genetically modified (GMO) and contains herbicides like
glyphosate that can cause liver disease.
Soy is hidden in many different foods such as vegetable oils, protein bars, diet shakes,
ready meals, vegetarian meat substitutes, soy milk and even some baby milk formulas.
It is also considered an anti-nutrient as
it contains phytates that block the absorption of proteins and minerals in the body.
To reverse damage caused by eating lots of
soy, consume cruciferous vegetables to detoxify the liver. Boosting your zinc intake from
pumpkin seeds is also very helpful.
The Japanese often eat ‘Natto’ a form of fermented soybeans which are much healthier for the
body and less likely to cause damage.
As you can see there are many foods that are causing damage to the liver and there are
also lots of natural foods that can be used to heal the liver.
It is important to learn about which foods
to avoid so that we can secure our long-term liver health, leading to a longer healthier
and more enriched life.
A healthy liver is able to filter 1.7 litres of blood every single minute, and keep hormones
like estrogen and testosterone balanced.
We recommend consuming bone broth daily, as this supports liver function and triggers
a boost in an antioxidant called glutathione in the body.
Glutathione plays a key role in detoxifying
and regulating the cells within the liver.
Smoking, pollutants, medical drugs and the foods mentioned in today’s video all put stress
on the liver, as it has to break down these chemicals and restore a healthy body.
Luckily the liver has the ability to completely
heal itself and reverse all damage, when you consume the right foods rich in nutrients.
Eating large amounts of leafy green cruciferous
vegetables is the best way to detoxify the liver and trigger healing within the cells.
In our other videos we discuss foods that
fight fatty liver disease, how to fully detox your liver and the hidden signs of liver problems.
To learn more about this, be sure to select our “Liver Health” playlist at the end of
the video.
Thank you very much for listening, a like
is always appreciated and remember to subscribe and tap the bell for more healthy videos.
I wish you great health, wealth and happiness.

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