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  • This is huge and should help reform corporate America.
    More action lIke this in TRUMP II – THE SEQUEL please!!!

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  • I love that there is a record that Newsblurt was there from way BEFORE the beginning…

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  • John Schneider -Prove It

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  • Baptism Deep Dive with Kevin Thompson w/guest Christoffer Lampa

    Beyond the Fundamentals

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    • I left off at about 32 minutes, breaking a Reblurt rule of watching content completely before posting. I promise I will get back to this video today, but it was just getting so interesting up to that point, that I am 95 % sure I will keep this up. I have to keep up with what POTUS is doing this morning for obvious reasons, so my apologies.

      • Thanks. You did the right thing by posting and alerting that you had not completely watched it. I think @jimrockford is reviewing content all week, so even if you don’t finish as quickly as you think, he will. Appreciate your contributions!

  • We have our own announcement coming…

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