• Rick Beato: I Got My First Copyright Strike…I’m Pissed (Rant)

    As episode #100 of “What Makes This Song Great” approaches, #99 (The Cars) was just taken down off the platform and I’ve been issued my FIRST copyright strike. I’m pissed.

  • Multiple contributors have access to the Newsblurt Twitter account.

    We hope the diversity in THOUGHT and OPINION is enriching!

    If not- we now have a permanent door. Just exit➡🚪

    #1A 🇺🇸

  • Franklin, TN – The #1 Small Town in Tennessee

  • From Ed. Blurt:

    Twitter locked our account for 12 hours today for “Retweeting” @gatewaypundit

    We believe David Limbaugh and other notables were snatched up in this particular raid as well.

    Our attorneys spent 5 billable hours corresponding, documenting and recording this for future use. #1A

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    • Note this is just hours before President Trump’s attorneys releases very damning charges for voter fraud and possibly election tampering.

      Newsblurt is a well known supporter of President Trump in areas of Free Speech and censorship.

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    Stanley Roper posted in the group 1989

    “Gimme a Little Kiss, Will Ya, Huh?” (“Whispering” Jack Smith, 1926)

    “Whispering” Jack’s first #1 record, for which he also provided the lyrics and piano performance in collaboration with composer Maceo “Sweet Georgia Brown” Pinkard–one of the musical leadersof the Harlem Renaissance.

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