KAGR™ Current Status:  LIVE  


Newsblurt's KAGR™ is taking your requests and dedications RIGHT NOW via email at KAGR@newsblurt.com or via Twitter @newsblurt


  • NO APP REQUIRED! Newsblurt radio™ has been carefully designed to work with all major web browsers! So EASY...just tap the PLAY   BUTTON! You can adjust the volume levels, pause and play directly from your notifications menu while the radio runs in the background- automatically! If you are using Bluetooth, our player will automatically resume once you hang up from a call, or if you drive through one those pesky low coverage zones! IT IS SO SIMPLE! You will LOVE   Newsblurt Radio™!
  • Why no APP? Simple...we want you HERE at Newsblurt.com. Also, our designers have designed our built-in web-app to OUTPERFORM the average radio app that you would download. Just go to Newsblurt.com, hit play and that's it. Do what you normally do on your phone or computer while you listen! Be sure to keep track of your bandwidth- if you are not on an unlimited internet plan.
  • LIVE PDs (Program Directors). No stale automated playlists here! Newsblurt radio™ is being broadcast LIVE from our Los Angeles studio, to the world! Real people making real choices and ready to hear from our listeners!
  • Music that makes you feel great. When we aren't covering live events or other original programming, we are playing GREAT HIT MUSIC from the 60s, 70s, and 80s! BUT WAIT...we know that you can get that almost anywhere. Newsblurt Radio's Hollywood producers have REMASTERED every song from our rotation catalog! In other words, you are getting the same great song that you love, but we have gone back and introduced modern technology into the studio, to make that same great music sound even MORE alive and fresh. Just listen and you will be amazed at how much TLC has been put into making your favorite music sound better than ever!
  • YOU JUST NEVER KNOW! Our PD is insane! You never know what you could get on Newsblurt Radio™. 
  • If you ever have trouble trying to get started with using Newsblurt radio, please reach out to us @Newsblurt. We can also direct you to alternative sources and apps to listen if needed. ENJOY!